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​Aalthara  FC


Not expect the result now, we will see it when they become 20 years old and they will have bright future for both study and football!


Coaching, not Teaching

Our most important policy is:

「Coaching, not Teaching」
We are not going to tell the answer, we will ask questions and lead kids to find the best answer by themselves.

子供' sサッカーコーチ

Training Course

①Kids Training: 5,500 JPY per Month (tax included)

1 session per week
4 sessions per month
1 session: 1 hours


②Kids Training: 7,700 JPY per Month (tax included)

1 session per week

4 sessions per month

1 session: 2 hours


Training method

We use the NOX method to develop players with the aim of becoming players who can play on the world stage by the age of 15. We provide an environment where players can feel closer to world standards by interacting with Japanses/overseas teams in Japan and conducting Japanese/overseas expeditions , and we help each player understand and guide them by
quantifying their own play (NFC player evaluation) . We have introduced a coaching method called the ``NOX Method'' .

What is the NOX method?

What is the NOX method.png

By deepening your understanding of the principles of soccer (①Soccer IQ) , you will realize the need for skills(③Technique) you lack.

② By being able to move your body freely, you can get ③ Techniques on top of it. You can increase the speed of learning ③techniques and acquire essential techniques and more advanced techniques.

The NOX method is a coaching method that coaches players to build up in the order of , and guides them by making them realize, ``I want to get better!'' and ``I want to practice OO!'' instead of teaching them the answers .

NOX Method: Details

NOX Method: Training Cycle

The training cycle of the NOX method is designed to deepen understanding by implementing the contents of the 6-month cycle twice in 12 months for one year.

Each month, we set a monthly theme, and in line with that theme, we will practice 1) Soccer IQ , 2) How to move your body , and 3) Technique practice.

① First, we will warm up and practice how to move our bodies and basic techniques.

By doing almost the same content each time, the aim is to help you smoothly perform the most basic and important body movements and basic techniques.

This is the preparation stage before practice.

② From here, the offense and defense themes of that month's Soccer IQ (soccer principles) will be presented in a match-style menu.

Here, we only tell the players the theme and practice content, but we do not intentionally tell them what they should be aware of first.

③ Then, the players will say things like ``OO isn't working well'' or ``I can offense faster if I do this.''

④ Therefore, we will conduct individual and group technique practice focusing on what the athletes noticed and what they were not able to do well, focusing on shifting the center of gravity.

⑤ After this practice, the coach will give an overview of the points to be aware of regarding this theme in response to the players' comments on things they noticed, such as things that have become easier to do and things they should be aware of.

⑥ Then, one last time , the coach will stop the game and ask the players, ``Didn't you have any other choice?'' ``What was your intention in playing just now?'' We ask players questions such as "Did you see the other side?" and then rewind the play a little and restart the game, allowing the players to replay the scene in their own way.

By doing this, you have a better chance of noticing a better play than the first one.

⑦ At the end, everyone will reflect while doing a cool-down.

Everyone listens and comments on what they did that day, what they did well, what they didn't do, what they were conscious of, what they noticed, etc. Finally, the coach gives feedback and the practice ends.

Practice time will be 2 hours including warm-up.

Annual Training Plan

Annual training plan_2024.png

The training cycle of the NOX method is designed to deepen understanding by implementing the contents of the 6-month cycle twice in 12 months for one year.

We will practice every month, focusing on the individual and group principles of attack and defense of soccer principles (soccer IQ), including common areas.

Regarding how to move the body and techniques, we will select a practice menu from the above that corresponds to each theme.

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Training Schedule

⚽Senior Kids (10 years and over)⚽

※If you cannot see the calendar below, click here.

⚽Junior Kids (9 years and Under)⚽

※If you cannot see the calendar below, click here.

 Admission Promotion Now!


Admission Fee 11000JPY → 0 JPY

Expiration date: None


1 Send Full name of Parent and Kid, and kid's photo by Aalthara FC - Waseda Official LINE account

2. Read Regulation (Philosophy, Policy, Rules, etc)

3. Fill-in Entry Form

4. Complete Payments

(1) Annual fee

(2) Monthly fee from 1st month onwards (automatic withdrawal)

(3) Complete the entry form and press "送信" button at the end/ bottom of the entry form.

※Once you completed everything above, we will check and let you know the date, time and venue to join the training, and send the school calendar to your email account.
※Participant's attendance will be checked at the venue.


Go to the procedure from the button below.

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